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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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7. >> history being made in california today. any minute now governor jerry brown is expected to sign a bill that will raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> and it's been about six months since payment terminals were slated to beup graded for chip cards. we are live with analyst. plus, it's opening day for
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the a's and ktvu's alex savidge is at the coliseum taking a look at what fans can expect this year as baseball season gets underway. >> as we celebrate the a's's home opener, take a look at your screen. that's alex savidge in the ricky henderson racing stomper. >> and the finish line. stomper by the nose. >> a gorgeous day for baseball in the east bay. my very first a's game i won tickets to the livermore public library reading program. their summer reading program. and e day we decided to go was ricky henderson day. that puts us around early 1980s. sal, sound about right? >> yeah. >> early to mid? >> middle. >> legend. back then i was, you know, i am in the family still. but we had never gone to a baseball game. it was a first outing to the ballpark and it couldn't have been better. >> big game tonight. >> yes. >> opening night for the oakland a's. >> yeah, their horse going, sonny gray. >> we will talk about that in a
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minute. first let's start with news and what could affect you san. the governor is set to make history in los angeles essentially right now. he is signing a bill that's going to gradually raise california's minimum wage up to $15 an hour. now, the bill will bump the state's $10 an hour minimum wage by 50 cents next year, then to $11 in 2018. after that a one dollar an hour increase every year until january of 2022. supporters say the goal here is to close the growing divide between the rich and poor, but critics especially in smaller communities say they worry business owners will cut jobs as a result. >> a few are going to get a wage increase. many more are going to lose their jobs. >> it's a matter of economic justice. it makes sense and it will help our entire state to much better for the citizens. >> now, small businesses, that means businesses with fewer than 25 people, they will have an extra year to comply. the bill means california is on track to have the highest
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minimum wage in the nation. lawmakers in new york are working on a similar increase. >> some east bay bart riders will have to continue to use shuttle trains this morning. there was hope that normal bart service would resume on the pittsburg bay point line, but tests over the weekend showed they are not ready. two shuttle trains will be operating between north concord and pittsburg bay point. this stretch of track has been plagued voltage spikes. starting today caltrain will make longer stops at stations that deal with an increase in ridership. more than 60,000 people take caltrain on a daily basis. with more commuters it takes more time to load and unload those trains and that's causing delays. they are shifting the schedule by several minutes to accurately reflect the times the trains actually do arrive and depart. caltrain is also adding a third bike car to the bombardier
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trains to make more room for bicyclists. that is exciting for a man who stopped taking his bike on caltrain. >> closer to 8 a.m., a lot of people want to ride the bikes to the city. and if you are not like the first person in the cue, like maybe four or five people, you often don't get a chance to board the train, particularly mountain view. >> now, we have full schedule changes listed for you on just click on web links. >> in santa clara garbage truck driver crashed into a power pole about 6:00 trapping him inside. and fire officials were concerned that the power lines might come down on drivers, so police shut down lafayette road. most of the area is back open this morning. however, one northbound lane is expected to be closed until 8:00 tonight so crews can make repairs to that power pole. two men were inside the garbage truck. one was able to get out. the driver, though, had to be
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rescued. >> it is coming up on 9:05. san leandro police say a group of vandals is becoming more violent. >> right. we have been showing you in recent weeks how they have been shooting out car windows with bb guns. now they are targeting people. >> ktvu fox 2's brian flores joining us now. police, brian, do they have a specific plan to get these individuals? >> what they are doing is increasing patrols through san mateo. also using undercover officers as well as working with the alameda county sheriff's department to catch who is responsible. the concern is somebody could get seriously hurt. we have been telling you about these group of vandals since late december. they have damaged 125 cars causing an estimated 60 grand in damage. the suspects went from shooting car windows to shooting at people. one of the more recent incidents happened at the bar off east 14th street at 8 p.m. on friday, march 25. police say a man was standing outside the bar when he was struck by a person who fired a bb-gun driving by in an suv. the bb got lodged in the man's
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forearm and had to be surgically removed. a man leaving first united methodist church was shot in the head by a bb pellet. and also that night a woman was struck in the hand at an ac transit stop off east 14th. >> it's awful. i mean, i guess especially if you were to get hit in the face or the eye, lose your eyesight, you know, with a bb-gun. >> there is no area or specific area in san leandro where this is occurring. they are happening all over town. but the interesting part is the 14200 block of santiago road, vehicles have been struck three separate times. >> now, take a good look folks. police say in the most recent cases the suspects drove off in silver 2000s model toyota 4runner. it had block wheels and off- road tires and a distinct fuel door on the driver's side that is a different color. in other cases a dark colored
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lexus or infinity. a white ford explorer was also seen in one of the cases as well. none of the victims were seriously hurt here. police believe the suspects are in their late teens or early 20s. if you have any information you are urged to call san leandro police. >> you know what gets me about this? if the police roll up on these guys when they are doing that, the police are going to pull their real guns on these guys. >> yeah. >> we could be in for some sort of, you know, a situation here. >> exactly. >> so let's hope that they just don't do it again. >> yeah. you can't really tell between a bb-gun, as we have seen in cases before. so hopefully it doesn't escalate to that circumstance. but hopefully these guys get caught. >> seems the criminals keep testing the waters. >> they do. >> the more they don't get caught, let's try something more dangerous. >> right. somebody could get hurt, guys. hopefully, nothing happens. >> thank you, brian. >> the airport in brussels is slowly starting to reopen after the deadly terror attacks 13 days ago. the first flights took off. passengers going through extra
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screenings. back on march 22 isis suicide bombers targeted the bulls airport and a metro station killing 32 people and injuring hundreds more. the airport is not expected to be at full capacity any time soon. there is a lot of repair work that needs to be done. >> as the airport in brussels partially reopens, countries around the world, including the united states, are taking a hard look at security. they are increasingly concerned about airport insiders such as the one believed to be responsible for the bombing of a russian jet over the sinai peninsula in october killing more than 200 on board. an isis operative recently claimed the group has terror cells in airports all around the world. with that in mind, the past year tsa implemented additional random screenings on airport employees. >> both democrats and republicans are bracing for what could be one of the most critical contests in the race for the white house. >> voters in wisconsin will head to the polls tomorrow and the pressure is on for the
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frontrunners from both parties. >> doug luzader has the latest from washington. >> reporter: if the numbers we have been seeing out of wisconsin are correct, donald trump is heading into this contest tomorrow in a strange position. he is the underdog. donald trump in a town hall in milwaukee making his final arguments to wisconsin voters after what had been a tough week. promising to tone it down if elect the. >> i will be so presidential, gretta. you will be so proud of me. you know, i am a smart guy. being presidential is easy. you may get bored. >> reporter: if trump loses tomorrow, he would still be ahead of the delegate count, but it would make it difficult. >> he might end up with three or six delegates out of wisconsin, which alters his math to make it where he would have to win 60% of the remaining delegates to get those 5-0 one. >> reporter: if there is a convention floor fight, the head of the republican party
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reluctantly admitted that it is possible that someone not in the running right now could emerge as the nominee. >> if you get into a multi-ballot convention where you got five or six or seven rounds, it's possible that a person can be nominated that's not one of the three. >> i know my campaign has been really trying. >> reporter: democratic hillary clinton says she is open to another debate with her rival bernie sanders, but the sanders campaign thinks she is playing games, in their words, while acknowledging a lot is on the line tomorrow. >> if the voter turnout is high, we will win. if the voter turnout is low, we will likely lose. it's as simple as all of that. >> reporter: and that math may essentially be cent. if there is high turnout tomorrow in wisconsin among democrats, and if young voters especially turn out, sanders has a big advantage. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. the number of reservations for tesla's new model 3
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continues to go up. according to the "wall street journal," reservations have surpassed 276,000 cars since the company began taking deposits last thursday. the price tag is $35,000 and is due out in late 2017. five people can go 215 miles on a charge and 0-60 in less than six seconds. >> looking at tesla's stock, it's up $11 right now. interesting. >> tesla's ceo elon musk revealed more on twitter while taking questions about the car from his followers. he said that the rear seat will fold down so people can sleep on it and it will be spacious enough to fit a bicycle. musk also compared the interior of the model 3 to a spaceship. it is an exciting week for baseball fans. opening night for the a's is tonight. the home opener for the giants is thursday. you guys are going to be out at the giants ballpark on thursday. alex savidge is at home with the a's this morning. we want to know from you, what is your favorite thing about the a's and just attending a game
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at the coliseum and would you be sad to see the team move? i know there was talk about a move to fremont in recent years. let us know how you feel on this home opener day for the oakland a's. use the hashtag#ktvuthe9. >> thieves make off with hunter pence's scooter and other donations to the make-a-wish foundation. why this is a big loss for the charity and how pence is reacting. >> complaints are up about air travel. why more travelers arunhappy, even though airlines are performing better.
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>> state regulators may soon lift water restrictions in some parts of california. today the state will release conservation numbers for february. they are expected to talk about where restrictions can be lifted. recent el nino storms have
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helped northern california. a welcome sight at folsom lake. water levels are 110% of seasonal average. california's snowpack is starting to moment in the mountains creating runoff into the lake. boaters, jetskiers, and swimmers were out there over the weekend. >> dave clark is following some of our other top stories. dave. >> sal, thank you. here are some of the top stories we are following for you. hunter pence has a message for two thieves. they stole a scooter he autographed and donated to the make-a-wish foundation in san francisco. he says give it back. two thieves caught on surveillance video stealing the scooter from the charity on saturday. you saw one carrying the scooter down the stairs and a second man carrying two pieces of luggage that had also been donated. make-a-wish, which grants the wishes of terminally ill children, says thieves also ransacked the office and stole
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ipads and other items. >> the scooter, it was an incredible donation and we were able to raise $40,000 through offering it in our live auction. so that's absolutely devastating. >> you know, this is the second time hunter pence's scooter has been stolen. before he donated it to make-a-wish, it was stolen in 2014 from in front of a restaurant. but it was later returned. hunter pence tweeted, i can't believe it. it's scooter gate all over again. hashtag find hunter's scooter. well, rent control issues keep spread interesting san francisco to the rest of the bay area. workers are searching for cheaper rent prices. the bay area council reports tech businesses are still booming with 440,000 jobs added in the region, but there are only about 50,000 new housing units. fights over rent control have also popped up in several bay area cities and tenant activists, they are fighting to get rent control votes on
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municipal ballots this fall. >> those are just a couple of your morning headlines. gasia, mike and sal, back to you. >> thank you, dave. >> coming up next on "mornings on 2: the 9", six months later more than 40% of u.s. banks have installed terminals for smart chip credit cards. and a very wild police chase on the bay bridge. coming up later in the show, the answer the chp is still looking for in this, well, unusual investigation. stigation.
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>> the only major airline based in the bay area has been sold. alaska airlines say it will acquire virgin america, which is based if burlingame. alaska competed with jetblue for the chance to buy virgin. it will pay $2.6 billion in cash for the business. it will create the fifth largest air carrier in the nation. alaska is based out of seattle
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and will keep their headquarters there. the deal is expected to be fully approved by january. >> airlines are doing better, but more travelers are complaining. new airline quality ratings released this morning show customer complaints jumped by 34% last year, and that's the highest level we have seen since 2000. that's despite better performance by airlines in key areas. airlines are losing fewer bags and doing better about being on time. a co-author of the report says the extra fees are causing frustrations for travelers and that may make them quicker to complain when something goes wrong. >> over six months since the october 1st deadline for stores around the country to upgrade payment terminals for chip cards. >> according to a new survey, not all retailers have done so. most customers don't seem to care. >> for more on the survey, we are joined on the phone by jill gonzalez. good morning. >> good morning. >> so a couple of small businesses i have spoken to. curiosity when i am buying a
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cup of coffee or whatever it may be. they say they haven't upgrade because they can't award to. are you hearing that? >> absolutely. especially for smaller businesses. it's a cost they can't afford right now. especially when they see that most of their customers could really care less if they upgraded their terminals or not. i think what caught us more by surprise is huge retailers have not sup dated their terminals. >> about that same number, i think 43% of retailers, have had a data breach in recent years. even they haven't upgraded. you would think sort of burn me once, shame on you. burn me twice, shame on me? >> absolutely. so several large retailers that have had a data breach before are still putting a lot of their customers at risk. neiman marcus is one. bb another. albertsons yet another. really the clock is ticking and one of them is going to be made an example of when they have to
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pay up for fraudulent charges. >> so tell me why it's better. what does the chip card do that protects your information better than just swiping it? >> we're used to swiping, as you said, our magnetic stripe. now we have to get used to dipping the chip into the terminal. when you do that you are giving a one-time transaction number that only matches up with one transaction and then it's basically useless instead of storing all of your personal information on a retailer's server for years to come. >> to clarify, if they decide nod to upgrade, can the merchants be held liable if there is any sort of fraudulent card purchases within their own store? >> 100%. so this deadline was october 1st of last year. now all of the merchants are liable for any fraudulent purchases made in their stores. that's roughly $8 billion a year. >> there any penalty for the stores not upgrading. is there a deadline?
9:23 am
i mean for the stores that are dragging their feet, what's coming? >> the deadline has passed as you said six months now. i think the penalty is just that. being liable for all of these charges. like we said, it's billions of dollars spent each year on fraudulent card purchases. >> jill, i have a question. i go to safeway and i go to home depot. home depot is doing it. safeway is not. but safeway has the machine. in other words, i could stick the card in, but the cashier always says, no, we are not doing that yet. they have the hardware. why are they not using it? >> this is another issue that many large retailers are running into. safeway has about 17% of its stores compliant as of last month. home depot, as you said, 100%. they were hit with a data breach. the problem is that these machines have to then be certified by third-party payment providers. and that is what's really taking forever. they were really unprepared. now they are leaving a lot of retailers left in the dust.
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>> all right. jill gonzalez, thank you very much for joining us. and, guys, i have to tell you, since we have been -- i have had fraudulent things. i love it when you get to put it in and you have to wait. you hit the wait -- you have to wait for it to come out. i feel better about it. >> that frustration. you are like, oh, we have it, but we are not using it yet. >> yes. >> coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", delivering medical supplies. the life-saving drone delivery service being tested out in the bay area right now. plus, it is open day in oakland. we are talking about some of the unique fan giveaways you will be seeing in season, including the sean doolittle me tall ka gnome. we will have a full explanation coming up.
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>> 9:26 here on "the 9". today our question was on this home opener for the oakland a's, what do you love about the oakland a's? what do you love about baseball in general. there was talk about the a's moving. do you want them to stay? a lot of people chiming in on twitter using the #ktvuthe9. >> that's easy. the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd. >> garlic fries, polish dogs, a tall beer and an a's win. dan oakland see you tonight. >> nice. >> and you know when you asked if the a's, if you want the a's to move, i don't think a lot of people do. but they could move from where they are now and maybe have a little waterfront stadium. that would be cool. >> i mean, essentially, they would be our neighbors to the north or south on the oakland estuary. >> people would enjoy that. it would be closer to downtown oakland. >> right. and the lake is four blocks.
9:28 am
>> imagine home runs in the estuary. >> #ktvuthe9 is the hashtag. >> alex savidge is checking out the early action hours ahead of the game and you're watching preparations. alex. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. it is shaping up to be a gorgeous day at the ballpark inside the coliseum in oakland. we are talking about -- i am going to grab this year -- some of the fan giveaways. they do an amazing job of only coming up with give ways. this is a spawn doolittle me tall ka gnome. correspondent for cnn -- csn. >> right. >> reporter: you happen to be sean doolittle's significant other. >> i am. yes. this is my boyfriend here. >> reporter: this is your gnome? >> yes, this is hahn doolittle. he walks out to metalica for whom the bell tolls. it plays the song when you hit
9:29 am
the button. >> reporter: let's hit the button. >> where is that? ♪[ music playing ]. >> reporter: you hear this song a lot? >> too much. too much. >> reporter: more than you would like to. this give away happens on april 30th at the coliseum. there is going to be a lot of people lining up for this. >> i imagine so. 15,000 fans. >> reporter: are you going to get your hands on one? >> i assume i will have a crate of them. >> reporter: probably. does he collect these? >> absolutely. >> reporter: let's talk about the other giveaways here. i like this. >> this is my favorite. >> reporter: for the pets. >> personally, this is my favorite. this is my dog stella doolittle. we are giving away a pit bull on may 30th to 15,000 fans. they can collect little dog bowl. very exciting. >> reporter: and also we have, let's see, "star wars." there will be a "star wars" give away this year and of course socks. these are the official sonny gray socks. those are the same socks that
9:30 am
sonny wears on the mound. you can look and play like sonny. also a cal bears hat. erin, thank you very much. let me show you the field. let's walk up here. just so happens we have stomper here. bring it in. did you know it's national hug a news person day? bring it in. the best thing, man. all right. stomper is here. let's show folks the field. look how beautiful that is. the a's and the white sox are taking this field this freshly manicured freshly mowed field. it looks beautiful out there. 7:05 is the first pitch tonight. and it's gonna be a four-game homestand for the a's. baseball back in oakland. hey, so i want to play some video. i don't know if you saw it the top of the show. we had a little race. >> a good one. >> there is some debate about who won. >> i thought he got you by a nose. >> reporter: you thought so? >> the tale of the tape. >> reporter: let's go to the instant replay, please, if we could. >> oh! >> reporter: it's got to go to
9:31 am
stomper? >> yeah. >> man, i say that -- i think it was, yeah. >> reporter: stomper? >> it was impressive. >> reporter: stomper takes the checkered flag. >> there you go. thank you, guys. have fun out there. >> reporter: there you go. all right, guys. all right. joining us now is ktvu's sports anchor jason applebaum. jason, the a's, i am trying to be optimistic here. they are going to have a tough year? >> they are predicted to finish i guess last in their division. i got my new "sports illustrated." they are 29th out of 30 teams. so, listen, the thing about baseball season is everybody's zero and zero. there is optimism with a's fans. optimism with giants fans. when you look at the rosters and what the juniors did in the off-season, the a's did in the off-season, the giants are looking better than the a's. here is the thing. baseball is in the air. the warriors have to share a little of the spotlight, of course, the next couple of
9:32 am
months. sonny gray is taking the mound tonight. he is one of the -- >> studs. >> one of the best in the game. he is up against chris sale of the white sox. four-game series. nice. i was dropping my kids off at school today. a little morning circle and they do announcements. instead of the pledge of allegiance, they sung take me out to the ballgame. it's great to have baseball back. >> if you believe you can contend, then you will contend. you know, if you had that in the dugout -- >> you got to have that attitude. >> guys who believe in that, it can happen. >> steven votes one of the best players. when you look that team they have. theyed added -- they added one guy, he has a lot of power. it's this fella named chris davis. he comes from milwaukee. and he had 21 home runs after the all-star break in milwaukee last year. >> that's good pop. >> and they were no doubt abouters. he sent these balls into the stands.
9:33 am
that's was second most in the major league after a guy named carlos gonzalez. they got him cheap. he is playing for $500,000 this year. he wants to obviously do some big things to get a big contract. >> . >> so who are the -- other than sonny, who are the other players that fans who are casual fans go to the stadium to see? >> a great question. i think it's honestly their catcher steven vote, chris davis, josh reddick. i think it's the outfielder. they don't have a ton of guys up and down the line-up that you have heard of. they have had a lot of turnover in spring training. they come in with ten new guys this year. so a's fans are going to get to know these guys this year. if they finish .500, somewhere in there, it will be a good season. giants, meanwhile, even year. a lot of expectations. most people are picking them at least to make the playoffs. >> i know -- i told a story at beginning of the "the 9" how may first baseball game ever was for the oakland a's after i won tickets from the livermore summer reading program. i have to say for the a's very
9:34 am
accessible. it could be an entre to baseball. tickets aren't a ba zillion dollars. you can take bart to the coliseum and walk a couple -- i mean, it's a lot easier, if you will, to see an a's game than a giants game if you are completely new to baseball, it's cheaper. everyone wants a new stadium. we all know about the coliseum. if you are a fan, i don't know that you really -- you know, you go to see a baseball game. it's not a great stadium. but i don't think they care that much. it's a raucous crowd. they root their team on. they don't want to hear they want to move them all the time. >> we have two teams here. we can watch national league baseball and american league baseball. >> klay thompson's burglary plays for the white sox. they are in town. thursday is a big day around the bay area. the warriors. spurs. a daytime. in theory, you know, klay could go to the coliseum, watch his brother play and walk next door and play a game against the spurs that night. that could be cool.
9:35 am
>> and the sharks have a home gay. >> yes. >> jason, a pleasure having you on "the 9". >> thank you. >> what about that opening night weather? steve paulson is here. he says we need to bring a jacket, right, steve? i agree with you on the waterfront park for the a's. that would be night. partly cloudy near the coast. overall, mostly sunny. tonight it will be clear. bring a jacket. there will be a good little breeze out of the west or northwest. it looks clear to me. 63 at game time. a little brisk later on. that's all right. there will be plenty of heat. speaking of heat, we will be warming up here. san francisco going for 64 today. 75 or so tomorrow. possibility on wednesday of 88. then 90 degrees. i have seen sfo projection of 91. wednesday looks to be the day. so we are going to have a heck of a ride on the temps as we see temperatures go from the 80s and 90s. but then they will drop maybe
9:36 am
20 degrees by thursday. joy says what? 91 degrees? surely, you jest. i don't jest and don't call me shirley. no like. okay. it's not going to last long. today mostly sunny. clouds clear out pretty quick and then we will have temperatures in the 50s and 60s. inland temps are warming up pretty fast here. the key will be tomorrow. so patchy morning fog today. mostly sunny today. but then tomorrow, you guys, we warm it up. and wednesday maybe some record heat. the key will be thursday. we could drop 20 degrees by then. more on that in a couple of days. >> thanks. >> new this morning an international scandal has leaked documents from a law firm in panama reveal the offshore financial dealings of the rich and famous. an international coalition of investigative journalists obtained more than 11 million documents. reportedly, the leaked documents detail how powerful people use
9:37 am
banks, law firms and offshore companies to hide their assets. the documents detail the financial dealings of political figures such as as close associates of russian president vladimir putin and soccer superstar lynell messy. >> it depends on the behavior. some of it won't be illegal. but if it's money laundering, if it's sanctions busting, if it's tax evision, that is definitely illegal. >> the so-called "panama papers" cover 40 years date back to 1977. >> the man who was beaten by alameda county sheriff's deputies in san francisco reportedly is due in court after being arrested last week. the fbi arrested him and three others friday near the area where a man had been shot earlier in the day. we don't know why he was arrested but later today the charges will be made public. you may remember last year he was beaten by alameda sheriff's deputies after a high-speed
9:38 am
chase. our tara moriarty will bring us developments today. >> the pacessage of a law restricting access to public restrooms for transgender people is driving a nationwide campaign to stop discrimination. hundreds of people filled a baptist church in greensboro, forecast, yesterday to show six to the law. the rally was organized by a inner faith group of leaders. the north carolina law requires people to use the restroom that alliance with the sex on their birth certificate. supporters say a majority of north carolinans favor the law. some in the transgender law say the law may put people in danger. >> people that hate transgender people, it has emboldened them. i am afraid they will get so bold as to patrol bathrooms or attack us. >> this bill gives protection to people of the state of north carolina as we have done for centuries across our country. and for people who come down on the opposite side of that is
9:39 am
just -- it's deranged thinking. >> here in california state law requires public buildings and schooled to have gender-neutral company. >> a company is planning to deliver medical supplies by drone in the african country of ra wanda. they say their focus is delivering critical medical products to health centers and hospitals that are hard to reach. with the groans packages can be delivered in -- with the drones they can cut down on refrigeration when blood and other supplies are transported. >> it's really, really hard to make sure that people have access to the medicine they need. zip line is designed to allow public healthcare systems to be able to always make a delivery when someone is in trouble. >> zip line, which is backed by zuccarello ventures and sequoia capital, is hoping to start delivery from distribution centers in rowanda in july. >> airbnb is cracking down on
9:40 am
violators in san francisco. more on what the company plans to do about the more than 1,100 hosts reportedly breaking the rule. also, the 49ers off-season workout season begins today. coming up, rumors about the trade to denver. to denver. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love
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spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. >> ♪ who let the dogs out? ♪. >> quite the unusual chase on the bay bridge over the weekend. a black chihuahua was headed towards san francisco on the upper deck and, well, chp got
9:43 am
the call. the officer who was driving a patrol car eventually drove ahead of the dog and used his jacket to grab him. the dog is now in the care of san francisco animal control. they are hoping the dog's owner comes forward. for now the rescue animal has earned the name ponch after erik estrada's character on the classic tv series chips. >> i love that song. who let the dogs out? >> can't get enough. >> the giants used that one year. >> 2010? >> something like that, yeah. a woman in lake county has been reunited with her cat six months after they were separated bit valley fire. the middletown animal hospital posted this photo of nancy and her cat muscat. cat went missing during the fire evacuations. according to the facebook post the woman found muscat near her home last month. the cat had a check-up and is doing well. >> airbnb is cracking down on people breaking the law in san francisco. ktvu fox 2 anchor pam cook has
9:44 am
some of the numbers from the short-term rental company itself. hey, pam. >> yes. good morning. airbnb's new report shows 1100 hosts are listing multiple homes in the city, and that violates laws in place in san francisco. this follows years of heated debate over airbnb and other short-term rental companies. many people blame these companies for helping drive up rents in the city. renters worried more land lords will take their properties off the long-term rental market to join the more lucrative short-term vacation market. however, san francisco does have some rules in place to protect representers. for instance, vacation rental can only be made by permanent residents offering their own home, so the host cannot rent out more than one property. licensed hotels or rentals of more than 30 days are exempt from that law. >> these are legal hotel operators. they are dodging tax obligations. >> comments in los angeles similar fight going on there, and a new study suggests that a
9:45 am
large percentage of their revenue is causing millions in mix missed tax dollars. temperature says that if those hosts were forced to paid the same taxes and fees that hotels do, los angeles would make another $41 million a year in taxes alone. now, airbnb says it mans to investigate hosts breaking the law. it also is working with cities on collecting taxes that are due and looking for those landlords who have turned their private homes into illegal hotels. >> all right. pam cook, thank you very much. >> california supreme court set to release an opinion on whether employees have the right to sit at work. we are all sitting. this stems from a lawsuit filed by cashiers at cvs and tellers at chase bank. the employees argue they have been wrongly denied seats at
9:46 am
work. the state supreme court is asked to consider whether each task employees perform should be evaluated to see if workers are entitled to a seat. the court is also being asked if the employer's opinion should be taken into consideration. state law gives employees the right to sit down depending on the nature of their work. >> today marks 48 years since the death of martin luther king jr. 39 years old when he was shot and killed standing on a motel balcony in memphis, tennessee, in 1968. he was in memphis to lead a march of sanitation workers protesting low wages and poor working conditions. the man convicted of the shooting died in prison in 1998. >> a new play opens this week with the mission to tell the stories of bravery, resilience and recovery following the 2013 boston marathon bombing through the eyes of people who lived through them. the play is named finish line. it's world premiere is thursday in the city of boston. the boston theater company production is based on interviews with survivors, runners, doctors, and first responders. the play begins on the day of
9:47 am
the bombing and ends at the marathon finish line a year later. with twin bombings killed three people and injured more than 260. >> abby wambach, the former soccer star and world cup star was pulled over after she ran a red light. she failed field sobriety tests before arrested. she released a statement taking full responsibility and called her decision to drive after dinner at a friend's house a horrible mistake. she retired from the national team last year. >> the olympic games begin in four months half the tickets have been sold. low ticket sales are blamed on fears over the mosquito zika virus, brazil's collapse and a recent massive protest of political issues.
9:48 am
brazil's minister of sports says officials must work to boost worldwide confidence in rio's ability to host the games and ensure traveler's safety. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", steph curry helped lead the warriors to another victory last night, but he was even on fire after the game. up next the impressive towel shot that thwarted a postgame splash attack.
9:49 am
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>> it was country music's biggest night with the legendary dolly parton singing duets with katy perry. take a look. >> ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene ♪. >> the academy of country music awards took over the mgm garden arena in las vegas last night. chris stapleton led the way. other big wins include jason aldean for entertainer of the year. miranda lambert won seven consecutive female vocalist award. best group went to little big town. >> the warriors bounced back two days after losing their first home game in more than a year. zeally was in the starting line-up. the portland trail blazers at oracle. oakland native dalian lillard helped the trail blazers make
9:52 am
it interesting early on. warriors ran away with the game in the fourth. steph curry ended with 39 points and the warriors won. the draymond green had his 13th triple-double of the season. >> that guy is the soul of the team. >> getting us ready for the playoffs. playing a playoff type game pretty much every time we step on the court. we are used to that as opposed to having to warm up for it. >> i really liked the focus and just how sharp we were compared to the other night. so good response to the loss. >> took care of the ball. 13 turnovers is a good number. 30 assists. that's a great number. we were really moving the ball. bench played well. >> there are five more games to go in the regular season. the warriors host the timberwolves tomorrow night. after the game steph curry on fire. he is about to fling a towel behind his back, barely even looks where it's headed. he ends up knocking two cups of
9:53 am
water out of draymond green's hands. draymond probably getting ready to dump that water on curry's head in what's a postgame victory celebration for the warriors. a member of one of basketball's royal -- sorry, basketball's royal family is teaching younger players how to shoot basketballs with some high-tech help. >> that's the sound you want to hear. your elbow was too far out. >> scooter barry is the oldest son of warmer warriors star rick barry. he is the directer of business development for the solid shot system invented by mountain view company. the system is a sleeve with sensors that lets the player know if proper shooting form is being followed. >> this sensor is going to indicate whether your wrist snaps or your hand twists correctly . this sensor is gonna indicate whether your elbow is in or out correctly . >> i thought it was really cool to get like feedback right away
9:54 am
from your shot and know what is correct right there. >> the solid shot system is being used by some colleges. >> a new national champion in men's college basketball will be crowned tonight. number one seed north carolina is making its tenth title game appearance after taking down syracuse on saturday. and the first round of the final four there. the tar heels face the villanova wildcats who blew out oklahoma in their round of the final four on saturday. it is villanova's first time in the championship game in 30 years. there are reports that the 49ers and denver broncos are close to a trade involving quarterback colin kaepernick. espn says it's being held up by kaepernick's $11.9 million salary. denver is willing to pay $7 million and the team wants the 9ers to pay the rest. the 49ers off-season workout program begins today. kaepernick will get a $400,000 bonus if he shows up for rehabilitation or to participate in 90% of that workout.
9:55 am
>> the first bay area dunkin' donuts shop is expected to open sometime this year. they announced 12 new dunkin' donuts will open in contra costa county. dunkin' donuts did not say exactly where the first store would be located. they plan on opening a total of 29 new restaurants through california by the year 2017. that's a lot of doughnuts in california. >> yeah, i could use one right now. >> today is national hug an anchor day. it was started by fox and friends in 2009. now it has become a hit among law enforcement. it's hug a news person on an anchor. whatever. one of us can be hugged. >> who would like to be hugged? >> you hugged me this morning. >> i did. >> san francisco police say they went to a conference where other officers were talking about it during their -- in their cities. sfp brought it the bay area. >> stomper hugging alex savidge. stomper got his hug in this morning. we saw members of opd in our
9:56 am
newsroom a second ago with brian flores. and here we see pam cook being hugged. dave clark the getting a hug of officer watson from opd. a number of people here. >> we have a surprise for you. we have sergeant michael and ray check of the san francisco police. >> a real life -- [ laughter ] wait a minute! >> yay! >> i'll take my hug right now. >> thank you, man. >> all right. >> my goodness. i feel like i should duck. good to see you guys. >> sergeant, i wanted to ask you something. >> sorry, sorry. >> all right. >> everyone is talking. >> good see you, too. >> all right. >> hey, good to see you. >> i wanted to ask you, you guys are going into stations and doing this? >> yeah, we went to a conference last year and they talked about this. i think it's been around approximate since 2012. made a few phone calls last week and got this set up.
9:57 am
it's been very well received. >> i like this. let's continue this. >> yes. >> look, this even has my name on it. and it's spelled correctly. you guys really went above and beyond. these are real treats. thank you so much. we are honored to give you guys hugs. thank you for joining us here on "the 9" today. again today a's home opener. hence the green. go oakland. we will see you back here for the noon. the noon. ♪we all need somebody to lean on ♪
9:58 am
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